It is a piece of cake to start writing on a topic which is such that everyone holds the same opinion about it and no one can bring an opposing viewpoint to it. “Increasing fast food trend is leading to increased intestinal cancer in people”, is an example of such a topic. But a controversial topic where you have to fight and make an effort to prove your point as correct, is what demands guts and excellent writing abilities.

Research paper writing consumes a great deal of time, in spite of the fact that there are trickier and more intricated writing assignments than it. Choosing the best topic for yourself which is argumentative is very risky. It might be seeming as if your topic has a lot to discuss about and you will easily find content on it but, it might not be the case once you begin your research. We are here to help you with this by providing you a long list of argumentative topics to choose from. All you have to do is to see what criteria you are good at and have your hands on, and then make a wise decision.

Selecting a topic that either supports a certain law or opposes it is very common. There will always be some aspects related to a law that will make it imperfect, no matter in how many ways it benefits the society. Hence, if one has a sense of judgement and understands how legal system works then he can go for any of the following topics. Just make sure your research paper is well looked into comprising of updated information as you don””t want to lose your marks for debating to change a law in an already altered law.
1. Should consumption of nicotine containing products like cigarettes be banned?
2. Is abortion justifiable?
3. Is legalizing marijuana legitimate?
4. Are the laws against prostitution strict enough?
5. Support/negate law granting use of nuclear weapons.
6. The pros and cons of laws for polygamy.
7. Legal arguments supporting and against death penalty.
8. Should drinking alcohol be outlawed?
9. Should there be a law for marital rape?
10. Should there be more strict laws for domestic violence?


More people find comfortable writing on social and moral topics, as they have a lot to write based on every day observations and experiences.
1. Should child marriages be allowed?
2. Is breastfeeding in public acceptable?
3. Are women treated equally to men?
4. Do you support family planning?
5. Is helicopter parenting justifiable?
6. Which is the most appropriate age for a child to start using a personal cell phone?
7. Is grade system reasonable?
8. What is the main cause of rape? Women””s clothing or men””s evil intentions?
9. What is your stance on dowry taken in marriages?
10. Do you support/oppose honor killings? Why?