Formerly, fat was considered inert but after carrying out multiple researches, scientists have proved that intro-abdominal fat has a noticeable impact on our body metabolism. Obesity contributes to numerous health problems including Diabetes, Cancer, and Stroke. These health associated problems leave a negative impact on the body, and life is at the verge of demolition.

Cardiovascular Disorders

Having a big belly is not a healthy sign. It affects the levels of blood lipids, and blood pressure. It makes obese people at a higher risk of hypertension leading to strokes and heart attacks. Not only this, it also creates trouble for your body to utilize insulin the normal way which, again enhances your chances to develop cardiovascular diseases. Coronary Heart Disease is a condition which enables your body to build up a plague in a coronary artery blocking the passage of oxygen to the heart. Moreover, obese people are at a higher risk of heart failure.


Obesity can lead to type 2 Diabetes which don””t allow a body to use insulin in a proper way. In healthy people, food is broken down into glucose, and then carried to the cells, and then turned into the energy by a significant hormone known as insulin, unlike obese people. It is to remember that Diabetes has been serving as a significant cause of death since ages.


If you are obese then you are at a higher risk of Cancer which includes Pancreatic Cancer, Colon Cancer, Prostrate Cancer and Breast Cancer. Studies which have been conducted n 2007 have showed that obese women are likely to have Breast Cancer and similarly, obese men also have increased risks of Prostate Cancer. Fat tissue is responsible to produce estrogen in an excess amount which is linked to the higher risk of endometrial, breast, and other cancers too. Obese people also have a low chronic level inflammation, also associated with Cancer.


As over-weight people carry extra pressure to their back, knee, and hip so their risks to develop osteoarthritis increases too as it wears those tissues protecting joints away.

Growth of Gallstones

You can develop gallstones, brittle pieces of a stone-resembling material in a gallbladder within no time if you are over-weight. They are responsible to induce pan in stomach and back. Obese people””s gallbladder is a bit more enlarged than their normal-weight peers ceasing their gallbladder to work effectively.

Sleep Apnea

Obesity also causes insomnia, snoring, and sleep apnea. Both insomnia and sleep apnea may cause fatal heart diseases. It happens because an excess amount of fat is stored around the neck of obese people blocking their airway. The blocked airway makes it difficult for them to breathe properly.

High Blood Pressure

Hypertension or high blood pressure is one of the most common health hazards of obesity. Blood pressure gets increased with age as well as weight gain. According to a new research, more than half of obese women who age 55 or more than 55, have high blood pressure. Obesity is a major cause of hypertension, perhaps because the heart has to exert greater pressure of blood to circulate throughout a body. Therefore, try to lose weight.