Are public schools in a state of crises? The fact is that public schools around the world are facing many problems in the 21st century where the importance of education is increasing more than ever.  Let us explore how schools are facing challenges to promote the elementary education from the perspective of teachers and administration. The public school system has a lot of room for improvement. There is a need for public schools to develop a plan to head into the right direction for the greater good of society.    Size of Classroom

Students, teachers, and parents are all overwhelmed with the size of classrooms these days. Public schools are responsible for educating a large number of children in the society, many areas of the world including the United States are facing a serious problem of classroom size that is not appropriate for promoting a great learning environment. Many of the classrooms are bursting out at the seams; a recent report showed that a public school in Georgia had to cross the limit of their classroom size to accommodate the number of admitted students.

The same problem was observed in West Virginia in the Fairfax County where the school system needs to increase the classroom size and cut its budget on other activities to accommodate a large number of students. When the school is in financial difficulties, the number of classroom gets smaller and strength of students increases. The teachers cannot teach effectively if the class size exceeds 30 in any public school.

Poverty Issue

It is a sad fact that the students who live in poor families tend to get dropped out of school more frequently. The reason for their poor academic performance is that they do not get enough sleep and or food and do not perform at their best levels in the classroom. Other children also bully them and condemned by the teachers that affect their minds negatively. Lawmakers, administrators, and teachers must set policies to accommodate poor students and treat them fairly to stop the issue of school dropouts.

Family Factors

Family factors also play a huge role in the deterioration of public schools; propels like poverty, single parents at home, a divorce between parents or violent home environment all pose challenges for teachers to teach such students diligently. These students tend to take less interest in their education and pay less attention to the teachers at class; they seemed overwhelmed and distracted mostly. Teachers and administrators should try to work out the problems of such students in the public schools to deal with their family environment.

Technology Issues

Students of today are more technologically advanced than teachers; they have all the access to gadgets, tablets, and internet at home or in their labs. The love of video games and technology has also played a negative part to distract students away from their academic activities or sports. It is becoming difficult for teachers to teach them new concepts without the help of integrating technology that is not yet available


Emotional hurting and bullying have long been a problem in the public schools which had a profound impact on the learning behaviours of students. Now the technology and Facebook has given more ways to the bullies to victimize their victims and harass school girls and boys on social media some kids cannot cope with the emotional turmoil and commit suicide due to bullying; parents and teachers need to know how to handle bullying issues with their children legally. Cyber crimes and lack of parental support leave the kids vulnerable to the attackers who take advantage of their weakness.

Student Attitudes

The problems related to student behaviour persist in the public schools like apathy, low self-esteem, and disrespect. These problems do not let them get ahead in school.

No Child Left Behind

No Child Left Behind is not becoming the determinant for parents and teachers today to promote better education at public schools. The Osama administration made many reforms to the schools, but still, a lot of challenges need to be faced at a state and national level.

Lack or Parental Support

When it comes to parental involvement, the school children often suffer; some parents never even come to visit the school teachers for a whole year. It negatively affects the attitude and performance of a kid in school.

Health Issues

Often student health problems stand in their way of achieving academic performance; obesity has become an epidemic in many parts of the world including America, students suffer from bad eating habits and less exercise. They tend to spend the most time in front of computer screens and TV to face health issues.

Funding Issues

In most public schools, budgets are being cut to face the huge problem of funding. Lower funding will result in lesser staff and lower teacher salaries. Investing more money in education is the need of time.

Author Bio

Grace Chen is an avid researcher, she loves exploring education issues and writes blogs to promote the low-income students and help teachers.